Our Officers:

Eminent Commander: S.K. Matthew Boeckeler  mboeckeler@milfordcommandery.com

Generalissimo: S.K. Richard G. Bernheart , KTCH   rbernheart@milfordcommandery.com

Captain General: S.K. Peter A. Mooradian , KTCH   pmooradian@milfordcommandery.com

Treasurer: S.K. Terenzio Volpicelli   tvolpicelli@milfordcommandery.com

Recorder: S.K. George A. Serafinas , KCT, KTCH   gserafinas@milfordcommandery.com

WebMaster : S.K. Mark Rossi  mrossi@milfordcommandery.com

  Our Store:  store@milfordcommandery.com

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